I moved, finished two stories and started a third since last I posted. All the home-life chaos forced me to make some tough time-management decisions. Because I’m actually published in romantic erotica, blogging under my pen-name and preparing new release took priority!

Still, historical romance is never far from my mind. Recently, I found a “Georgian fix” in a very unlikely place. Time Out NY’s valentine’s day issue contained an article on the history of the condom. In it, the picture above (dated 1754) appeared.

Yes, folks, condoms have been around for quite some time. But why are these men treating their rubbers like balloons? Was it just to make the ladies giggle?

Nope. They were checking their trusted friends for leaks! Frighteningly, condoms at that time were often made of animal intestine and were kept in place by a pretty little ribbon. (Why does that make me think of the SNL Timberlake/Samburg song?) They were (shudder) reusable, and usually kept in a box specifically made for that reason.

I may be in love with historicals, but details like these remind me to be thankful to be a 21st century woman!

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