I’ve been waiting for something wonderful to happen before starting a blog, however this past weekend at the NJRW Romance conference I realized that wonderful things have been happening along along, only I failed to notice them. No, I don’t yet have an agent or a book contract, but over the past few years I have made truly supportive writing friends, I’ve had several requests for partials and fulls, I finished the damn book, and I’m working on the next with far less angst than the first.

In the Artist’s Way, Julie Cameron says that creativity is the drudgery of small simple steps in the right direction (I think I remember that correctly anyway). For me it was a Herculean effort just to take my dream seriously. Now, I act every day as if it were already true and that IS something wonderful.

This picture was taken this weekend at NJRW. I’m with my on-line friends from The Beau Monde–Janet Mullany, Sally MacKenzie, Miranda Neville and Pam Rosenthal (I’m the one with the glasses in the back). When I look at it I can see proof of how much this journey has already given me.

Publishing is a subjective business with a steep learning curve. However, the Romance writing community is one of the most open, supportive, sharing communities I have ever experienced. Just being a part of it is something to celebrate while I prepare for that lighting strike of perfect-dramatic-conflict inspiration (and the thunder of acceptance to follow).

I hope to share details of my journey and hope to connect to my writing friends here and perhaps make some more.