(Please note: On 2/24, Diana of Custom Blog Designs installed a beautiful template for me & the current favicon is hers, not the one I created)

One of the most amazing things about the internet is the ability to access the minds of experts with a few key strokes. Granted, there is always some “noise” but for the most part, anything one wants to know is searchable.

I’ve wanted to do 2 things for a very long time:

1) Have a unique favicon for this blog
2) Have my registered URL appear in the browser (I have been using forwarding for the past year)

Here’s what I did for the favicon:

I created a .gif in Photoshop Elements, and used this free, on-line favicon generator to create the .ico file:
Favicon Generator

To know where in my template I needed to place the reference information, I used the following pages:
Blogger Templates Widgets
Blogging Tips

They were helpful, but I still had a problem: I could not host the .ico on blogger. After a few false starts for a hosting site, found this:
The Favicon Labs


As for using a registered domain as the address for this Blogger hosted blog, well that was actually far more complicated, mainly because my registrar did not wish to make it simple. Google offers specific directions for many registrars, but Network Solutions just had to add a few layers to the task. On the up end, some searches within NS helped rectify the problem, and voila!

In any case, with a little time and some google searches, you can modify your blog very easily. However, one final word of advice: use the advanced search options and place a date range. Hosting platforms update, and you don’t want to be reading out-of-date directions!!

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