So when the lovely Diana designed this blog for me, I purchased matching business cards that looked like this:

 Pretty, right?  (Well, apart from my blacked out address, anyway.)

I thought I was set. Then, the 2012 GH Finalist Group started talking cards. Several finalists who had finaled before suggested we add our status (for this year only). I started to teeter as the discussion continued. Some of the more general points raised were:

  • The back of your card is a good place for your pitch and tag line. Stickers are fine for this purpose, but be sure to leave room for new friends to jot notes. 
  • Using your author headshot on your card is a way to help jog the memories of card takers and cement connections made. 
  • Before you order glossy cards, consider that they are harder to write on, and may prevent people from taking notes that remind them of your meeting.

I had pretty, matte cards but they were utterly unconnected to me or to the manuscript I’m pitching.

In other words, my cards probably weren’t doing the only job cards are meant to do: create a connection.

Having a card with my headshot seemed a bit “me, me, me” but then again, I loved getting photo cards from others. Yes, my friends, I decided it was time to suck in my inner wallflower and go for it. And I headed to Vistaprint to design and order my cards.

Introducing Wendy’s Card, 2.0 (I suck in, wincing):

They will arrive sometime this week.  If you are on your way to nationals, have you ordered cards? What did you include?

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