It’s been awhile since I posted a Wendy-in-the-city. And, last weekend, I took a break from renovations & revisions to visit one of New York’s beloved gems: Economy Candy in the Lower East Side on Rivington between Essex and Ludlow.

My neighbors, who know everything there is to know about NYC BTW, brought me to this haven of sugary bliss. Behold the splendor (compliments of my iphone) and be amazed. (Or, in the words of Wednesday Adams riffing a 70’s ‘The Fly’ commercial…be afraid, be very afraid.)

Chocolate! Pez! Jelly beans! Pistachios! Candy-freakin’-cigarettes. 
(yes, they still sell candy cigarettes)
Pop Rocks!
(Did you know that there was this truckload of pop-rocks going down route 95 that exploded? Yeah, yeah, yeah…and little Mikey from the commercial died after mixing Pop rocks and Soda!
PS- neither of the above are any more true than they were on the school bus in 1986.
…….Hummm, don’t you just love urban legends??) 

But back to Economy Candy…a cornucopia of glucose-induced happiness.
If you happen to be in NYC, it’s sooo worth a visit.

4 Responses to Candy!

  • Old school candy is my fave!! We have a store in Halifax called Freak Lunchbox that specializes in all that stuff … but Economy Candy looks much larger.   I’m a sucker for Laffy Taffy and these taffy bars called KooKoo bars … but I’ll never turn down candy!!

  • Hi Nikki! I used to visit Halifax often when I was very small and my
    grandparents were alive–they had cousins there. If I get back, I’ll
    check out Lunchbox.  Thank you for visiting!

  •  Grin! I am to please. Thanks for stopping by Abigail

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