This past week has been both hectic and amazing. I had three surprise over-night visitors, I’m prepping for dinner for 17 (including getting a major renovation project done), and I’ve made a major leap forward in my writing career.

I’m both deeply contented, excited and frazzled all at once!

On the way to the hardware store tonight, Richard remarked on the beautiful full moon. Since we were only about a mile from the Maine Ocean, I turned down the beach road on a whim. I almost didn’t get out of the car. After all, I reminded myself–there are only so many hours left until Thanksgiving!

I’d already made the turn, however and once we stepped out onto the beach there was a panorama of loveliness that melted away every worry. I have always loved the Keats line “Truth is beauty and beauty, truth” and in those few stolen moments on a freezing cold beach, I felt that line rather than understood it.

Ah. Moments to Breathe Deeply…

I wasn’t through with my first decade when Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles. I vaguely remember watching and being, of course, mesmerized by her flower girls. It was a beautiful beginning. In later years, I remember catching shots of her on magazine stands–the wonderful picture of her boys running into her arms on the deck of a ship, the whimsical shot of her (again with the boys) on a log flume in (I think) Disney. The stories, of course, got darker–bulimia, marital problems, infidelity. Then, there was the tragic end.

Young Lady Diana with her loving and vulnerable heart struggled to find herself under the constant glare of the international spotlight. She became even more fascinating because her life was so complicated. As she grew, she shed her slouch and, later, practically trademarked a bold and winning smile. By the time of her divorce, the world knew she had been constantly seeking love without satisfaction. But she went on, with head high, organizing for her next cause and guiding her boys to the verge of adulthood. She defined herself separate from the tremendous forces that were trying to shape her. She was so vulnerable and so strong.

I, like many, was inspired.

When Prince William announced his engagement this week, the love between him and his Kate just emanated from the pictures. Here were two strong, stable young people, mindful of their responsibilities but clearly happy and rooted in one another. They appear to have the kind of love Diana spent her whole life seeking.

Now, instead of thinking of a tragic Paris car crash, I can think of those beautiful images of her with her boys–and the fine young man her little prince turned out to be.

Blessings on William and Kate.

The unthinkable has happened. If reached the 40 gig limit of my second gen Ipod. (Does anyone else still even have their 2nd Gen Ipod??)

In honor of the occasion, I thought I’d go though my songs list and see which ones were repeated. I’m not holding anything back, because at this stage in my life, what’s the point?

Songs repeated:

Addicted to Love–x2 both from different 80’s compilation albums–RIP Robert!
Adia, Sarah McLachlan– x2 one from an all women compilation CD, one from Surfacing
After The Gold Rush, Neil Young.
Agony–Apparently I loaded Into the Woods on twice. I can’t get enough Sondheim. I won’t mention any more Into The Woods numbers.
All along the Watchtower–x4!! Jimi, of course, abut also Dave Matthews, Dylan & Richie Havens.
All the Way–x3 several different Sinatra CD’s– Lots of Repeated Frank, so I’ll eliminate those songs too.
America–x3 Simon & Garfunkle Bookends, Concert in the Park & Old Friends I’m overloaded in S&G. Which is fine by me. I won’t mention other songs by them that are repeated, though, ’cause there’s bound to be a ton.
Baby please don’t go–x2 Muddy Waters & Van Morrison.
Back in the USSR–x2 White Album & Love
Badlands–x2 Live 1975-1985 & Greatest Hits

OK, this is getting tedious. I’m only going to mention songs that have at least 4 versions on my IPOD:

Sway–x5 Bobby Rydell, 2x Dean Martin, Michael Buble, Peter Cincotti
The Thrill is Gone–6x All BB!
Try a Little Tenderness–x4 Otis, of course but also Michael Grimm–Don’t Judge–and the Commitments—hey, I said Don’t Judge!
White Rabbit–x4 JA, all of them. Hum, not sure how that happened. Damn compilations.
Wild is the Wind–x4 All Nina, baby.
With a little help from my Friends–x5 I don’t even want to look. Beatles, of course, and a Joe Cocker at the very least.
You belong to me–A record 7 copies! The Duprees x2, Dean Martin x3, Elvis Costello & Vonda Shepard.

What have I learned from this exercise? The number of time a song appears on the IPOD has no correlation to the number of times it is actually played!