Thank you so much for following along on the Lady Scandal blog tour! I’m thrilled to announce the following winners:

Aleen Davis – The Duke of Andelot, by Delilah Marvelle
Lori Faires – The Unexpected Duchess, by Valerie Bowman
Denise Marie Stout Holcomb – Flowers from the Storm, by Laura Kinsale
Mary Preston – Wish Upon a Duke, by Eva Devon
Vicky Dine – What A Lady Requires, by Ashlyn Macnamara
Jodi Ciorciari-Marinich – A Lady’s Revenge, by Tracey Devlyn
Debra Guyette – Barely a Lady, by Eileen Dreyer
Sophia Pelamonia – Secrets in Scarlet, by Erica Monroe
Christina L. Riggs – In Bed with a Spy, by Alyssa Alexander
Martha Lawson – Lady Vice, by me

Congrats to the winners! I will be contacting you individually to arrange your ebook delivery.

Lady Scandal releases tomorrow & I am so excited! As with my Lady Vice blog tour they’ll be a raffle copter Giveaway featuring books by authors I love. Please stop by say hello!

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Outside my BIL's apartment building

Outside my BIL’s apartment building, the morning after Sandy October, 2012

Nature-wise, the North East is generally rather kind. Our earthquakes tend to be mild, our tornadoes, short-lived and small, and, other than the occasional hurricane, blizzard, or ice storm, weather-related inconveniences are minor. Though I *have* been caught in quite a few blizzards, ice storms & hurricanes, my scariest experiences had more to do with improvising after poor planning for long hikes or surviving weeks of dry pipes when my well-water line froze.

However, this post refers to natural disasters.  Although I already blogged about Hurricane Sandy on this blog here, believe it or not, Sandy came up a few times in the past two weeks, so I thought I would revisit that particular event with a new perspective.

Gathered in the Dark, The night after Sandy October 2012

Gathered in the Dark, The night after Sandy October 2015

Hurricane Sandy hit NYC on a Monday in Late October, 2012 and according to a CDC study, of the 117 deaths due to the Hurricane, 53 of those occurred in New York. Compared to the devastation experienced at the Jersey Shore, Staten Island & Long Island, Manhattan was relatively unscathed. However, the island of Manhattan is cupped by the Hudson River to the West and the East River to the East and during the hurricane, those rivers rose by as much as 15 feet, pouring water onto highways and side streets and blowing out a major transformer at a substation on 14th Street. If you lived downtown, as I did at the time, power was out for four to five days. And, if you lived in a highrise above the second floor (which I did NOT), toilets would not flush and fresh water was unavailable. Continue reading