WriterWednesdaysJuneSummertime! It’s here! It’s here! Well, technically, it’s almost here. The days are long and muggy, anyway. BUT after the winter we had in the northeast I am swearing not to begrudge a moment of heat or humidity.


(I’m the third one in)

This week we find out how our blog circle spent summers as a kid. Yay!

For most Jersey girls, summers meant a trip (or several) ‘down the shore’. When I got older, I did spend the occasional weekend ‘down the shore’ but I never set eyes on a boardwalk during summer until I was in my late teens. Summer, for me, meant manual labor on my Uncle’s Farm.

My Uncle owned the Sanford, Maine farmhouse where he, my father, their brother and their sisters were raised. Every summer he’d drag a bunch of kids from my church up North to help him do whatever he needed to do to get the old house through another winter. Daily tasks included painting, rebuilding the parts of the farm and out-buildings that were crumbling (something was always crumbling), weeding the garden, planting trees, cutting down trees either to maintain the fields or to restock the supply of firewood, and, my favorite, using a log splitter to cut up the logs. The farm had a wood and electric cooking stove, a pump by the kitchen sink and walls that howled when the wind blew hard. More often than not, I pretended I was actually from an earlier time. Perhaps one of the reasons I write historical romance? 🙂 In any case, being there meant work. Really hard work. But I was with imaginative friends, so everything was a  blast.GirlsatPlay

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The Historical Romance Network is hosting a celebration of Historical Romance today using the hashtags #WhyIWriteHistoricals & #WhyIReadHistoricals. Hop over to Twitter and search those tags– you’ll be delighted, I am sure!  image

My love of history and stories starts with my father, who eschewed the usual children’s story books and instead read us Longfellow. I remember crying all through Evangimageeline, but at the same time feeling deeply for the parted lovers. Stories that evoked timeless emotions became a passion. After I’d exhausted classic children’s stories of ‘girls in skirts’ (Like Heidi, Anne of Green Gables, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm), I ventured into the adult section of the library and discovered Victoria Holt. Whoa! History, jeopardy, and love? More, please.

About the same time I found my aunt’s stash of Georgette Heyer and imageBarbara Cartland books and I was introduced to the Glittering Regency. That, my friends, was the end. No matter what was happening in real life, I knew I could escape to a world where manners reigned supreme & broken hearts would always mend.

imageFrom the rich, sensual gothics and epics of the 1980’s to the witty romps of the 90’s to the vast array of times and tones available now, Historical Romance will always be my first love.

Welcome back from your memorial holiday weekend! I hope it was one of shared remembrance and that you’ve returned to the week with new memories to cherish.

Last week, I finished the last book in the Furies series and to celebrate that & the unofficial start of Summer, I’m going to be giving away the books of 5 fabulous authors. I have read all the books I am giving away this week and man are the winners in for a treat!

So here’s how it will work. I will put up a post on my Facebook Page and on the following dates. Anyone who comments or likes that post within the following 48 hours will be entered.

Tuesday May 26th-Wednesday May 27th: Beppie Harrison, The Divided Heart Boxed Set

Wednesday May 27th-Thursday May 28th: Madeline Martin, Deception of a Highlander

Thursday May 28th-Friday May 29th: Erica Monroe, Beauty & The Rake

Friday May 29th-Saturday May 30th: Valerie Bowman, The Unlikely Lady

Saturday May 30th-Sunday May 31st: Joanna Shupe, The Courtsean Duchess

Good Luck to all who choose to enter!