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PrintWell I must confess that I was mistaken about this post. I *thought* it was supposed to be about our favorite holiday decoration, so I spent some time looking for pictures of my favorite holiday decoration through the years. Guess what? No pictures! What I discovered was that while I had plenty of family fun pictures, I had very few decoration pics. It was a happy mistake, however. Oh my, was going back through those photos fun, if a bit nostalgic.

Changes upon changes in recent years (don’t we all know about those) have changed the way we celebrate and the huge family gatherings of the last decade are simply no longer possible. And while I miss the joy and the togetherness, by going through the pics I discovered that the love is something that continues and every laugh, silly moment and, yes, even every selfie leaves sustaining echoes–joy that is then carried through no matter where and with whom the holiday is celebrated.


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I couldn’t have actually written the post I was supposed to write (sharing my holiday decorations) because they aren’t done yet (!) but I’m glad I made the mistake, because as I decorate, images of Christmas past will be in my mind, adding to my joy.

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BlogCarnOct14-01+(1)Well, it’s that time of month again… When I gather on a Wednesday with some of my writing friends & we all answer the same question. This month we are answering the question, “What is your favorite character name?”

I’ll start with some background. As Historical Romance Authors think about creating names and titles, there are three major pitfalls to be avoided. The first? Coming up with a title that sounds real but is not actually extant. To do this, I consult maps of England and look for names of small towns that sound appealing, pair them with a rank and then google it to make sure it’s not actually a real title (wouldn’t want to offend a Earl!). Next, there is the problem of whether or not a first name existed in the time period. For example, my own name, Wendy, is said to have been created by EM Barrie for Peter Pan, and doesn’t appear on birth records during the period I write (although I do have a 18th century Dutch ancestor whose name was Wyntie, but I digress). Finally, when using a carefully-chosen, period-appropriate name, a historical romance writer has to stay aware the use of given names was VERY restricted, and so, at the start of every book, the hero and heroine are unlikely to be on a first-name basis. Take, as an example, Jane Austen. In Pride and Prejudice Elizabeth’s parents refer to one another as “Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Bennett” and in Emma, at the triumphant, love-confession moment, Emma declares “I need not call you Mr. Knightly, I can call you my Mr. Knightly.”

I tried to keep all of this in mind while writing my Furies series. Continue reading

BlogCarnSept9-01-01‘Allo all!

Ummm… do you really want to know my biggest Phobia?

At first, I honestly did not have an answer. I considered things I’m weird about. Like, I touch the outside of a plane & say a quick, grateful prayer as I walk on. Every time. Why? I don’t know any more than I know why I only drink Tomato Juice in flight and never any other time.

Bloody Marys don’t count. (says me)

But the question was not ‘what makes you weird’ so, I returned to the concept of fear and started to make a list of things that used to terrify me and don’t anymore, mostly because experience has made me realize I will survive no matter what my pounding heart is trying to make me believe. Writer conferences! Marriage! Getting lost in a country and not knowing the language! Spiders!

Wait. Spiders? Continue reading