I haven’t posted in awhile and I figured I should get that first post in, if only so more will come. Blogging is kind of like going to the gym. If you miss a few weeks, then returning looms larger and more dreadful with every passing day.

First, there is imagining possible topics…
Well, since I last posted, I read four romances, one non-fiction book, started paying attention to my health and lost 3 pounds, went to Maine and back with a day stop in Boston, invented a new game with my extended family, celebrated a middling sort of birthday, had dinner with my husband’s daughter, started the Artist’s Way with my sister, bought new hiking boots, submitted the first round of full-novel edits to my agent, went to Peru, visited the amazing Machu Picchu, had a harrowing journey from Puno to Juliaca during a transportation strike (complete with a barricade strewn broken glass, a car change and two swarming herds of alpaca), attended a Superbowl party with the La Capra brothers-in-law, read and judged my assigned Golden Heart entries, and attended a Lady Jane’s Salon. (Hum, on deeper reflection, perhaps the last three weeks have been hectic.)

Next there is picking a topic…
Which of these things is blog-post worthy? Most are just slices of life, but then life-slices can make good blog posts. Well, my chosen categories are:

* Craft (2)
* Great Romance Novels (3)
* History (4)
* Random (6)
* Research (2)
* RWA contests (1)
* Wendy-in-the-City (1)
* writing life (7)

Most of these possible topics/experiences fall into the “random” category. Which, as you can see, is already disproportionately filled. The story that energizes me most, not surprisingly, is the harrowing taxi journey. Quite honestly, however, it was too recent for me to be able to describe objectively. Next would be the “new game”–but does anyone really care about the “serendipitous or creepy” round of true story telling & subsequent voting my family engaged in–no matter how riotously funny it was to us? (Though, I suppose, a blog on the topic would be better than my “Ack, my Ipod is full” lamentation and reflection.)

Hum, after those two, well, the rest all sort of blend together. The best of the four romances was the lovely, hauntingly told tale of honor called “Butterfly Swords”. I still can’t get the hero out of my mind.

*long pause while I stare off into space and think of Ryam*

Suddenly, I realize that in trying to find a topic, I’d already written one of my longer blog posts. Of course, it ain’t all that intriguing. However, drafts are always about showing up to the page right? And since I’ve been off the blogging treadmill for over three weeks, this session was bound to hurt.

🙂 Happy Writing!

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