This week’s topic was chosen by KD Fleming in celebration of her book, Her Hometown Reporter!


The reporter is looking for a story that’ll be his ticket out of his small Georgia town. With her political connections, legal assistant Gina Lawson could help Toby realize his aspirations. Their friendship is just an added bonus, but falling in love isn’t part of his five-year plan.

Gina’s devoted to her family and community, and doesn’t plan to ever leave. Though she finds her favorite reporter maddeningly irresistible, she must guard her heart. But when a betrayal of trust threatens to shatter both their dreams, will Gina and Toby learn that they share the same values after all?

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So I’d like to begin this month’s Writer Wednesday post with a confession. Even though I had this topic in advance, I failed to actually WRITE the blog post in advance. And, although I am working on my latest book every day, I am currently 3,000 or so miles from my office. Is this daunting? It could be, if, um, I had not (over the years) developed coping ‘work-arounds’ for the times procrastination bites me in the…a-hem…finger.

First I give you (direct from a broker’s photo) my current office, which is actually a built-in in my TV room. This suits me just fine because I’m actually far more comfortable tapping away on the couch. (And I am aware this is very, very bad for my wrists…but it’s very, very good for my word count).


While I cannot choose a favorite office object, that red feathery thing above the lamp is somewhat dear. If you are wondering what that little feathery red thing is, well, it’s an official mummer doll purchased at the Mummers’ Museum. And if you don’t know what a mummer is, you are not from the greater Philadelphia region. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Mummers:

I haven’t seen the parade since the 1990s, but when I was little I attended because my parents sold the printed programs. The loud, raucous spectacle made a lasting impression. Whenever I look at that doll, I don’t think of the sometimes controversial organization, but of the wonder of being in a place where the music was loud, the performers in glitter and feathers and the crowds cheering and happy.

I pilfered pics from a very-long-ago post (so long ago I no longer have this office) to show you ‘my favorite office objects’ runner-up division. These two things also make me laugh. A writer’s clock permanently fixed to adult beverage and a cup with a Tigger I purchased at RWA Nationals in Orlando (conferences are fun-fun-fun-fun) which is attached to a mug made from a photo of a theater set my talented nephew built (I’m a proud aunt).


IMG_2016 IMG_2015
So there you go, my favorite office objects from 3K away. Andddddd now I am homesick. 🙂


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12 Responses to Favorite Desk Item: Writer Wednesdays

  • Love your post, Wendy. I haven’t seen a Mummer’s parade in years but now I want to take the kids. Although, as teenagers, their reaction could go either way. LOL. Hope you’re enjoying your time away and have a safe trip home!

  • I adore the clock, Wendy, and I love Tigger too. Great post and thanks for getting the word out about my new release.

  • I loved your post, Wendy. I had never heard of a Mummer’s parade. Now I know. And the clock is great.

  • Hi Wendy!

    I have that same clock in my office! It makes me smile, and reminds me to drink. LOL Oh, and publish too. And thank you for the education about Mummers. Very interesting!

  • I’ve never heard of a Mummer, so Google will be my friend today. I hope wherever you are, you’re writing, thinking about writing, or deviously plotting something terrific. And thanks for the clock reminder…I have one somewhere. Things happen when you move

    • There is a very strange and dark history to Mummers in general, and the Philadelphia versions took on a life of their own. The parade is on New Year’s day and when I moved away I remember saying, “What’s the Rose Bowl?” to which my new-city friends replied, “What are Mummers?” And I had to reply, “I actually have no idea. But glitter, feathers, tiny umbrellas and banjos are involved.”

  • I love the clock. Want! I’ve only seen the Mummers on TV, must have been great fun to see the parade as a kid.

  • Wendy, I’d never heard of the Mummers. Thanks for enlightening me. 🙂

    Love love love the writer’s clock. Quite apropos. And of course, you can rarely go wrong with a Disney object.

    Sounds like you’re making great progress with your current WIP– go you!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

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