You don’t need me to tell you to read the Spymaster’s Lady.  After all, it was nominated for a Rita. But, I just finished the novel and I’m still humming with the passion and intrigue that electrifies every single page. So, allow me to reach through the cyber-universe, grab you by the shoulders and say, with grave sincerity, “read. this. book.”

Rather than explore the plot, gush over the characterization or reveal the cleverly concealed secrets, I’ll focus on Annique and Robert’s first kiss.

There are kisses in romance that are beautifully described. There are kisses painted so passionately the reader needs a strong beverage when she is finished reading. And, there are kisses that make the reader sigh and stare off into space, remembering her own particular shimmering moment.

Annique and Robert’s first kiss goes beyond such fribble. It’s a three paragraph kiss in a careening carriage during a moment of pure terror.  Packed into those three paragraphs is, one, the first major turning point of the romance, two, about ten pages of unspoken dialogue (subtext), three, what would normally be a full chapter of characterization and, four a scared promise to the reader of the passion that will explode once these two have a moment alone. That kiss is one of the best kisses I’ve ever read in historical romance.

If this romance is in your TBR pile, make it top priority. If you’ve already read it, read it again. And, if you haven’t bought it, well, get thee to a bookstore, and quickly go.

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