Next week, I’ll resume blogging-as-usual with interviews with Suzi Love & Sarah Tormey coming up (yea!).

To ease back into the schedule, however, I’d like to share some pictures of this year’s Beau Monde Conference. The conference was particularly fun for me, as it was my first Beau Monde conference without any responsibilities whatsoever. I attended fabulous classes (given by Janet Mullany, Deliliah Marville and Isobel Carr), listened with rapt fan-girl attention to Mary Jo Putney’s Keynote speech & country-danced the night away at the evening Soiree.

 The fabulous Sally Mackenzie and Kate Pierce

 The Beau Monde members enjoy Afternoon Tea
(Complete with Cucumber sandwiches!)

Susan Gee Heino: 21st century Silent Auction coordinator by day to and Diamond-of-the-first-water Debutante by night!

Susan, Marissa Doyle, Regina Scott and a friend.

Lord and Lady Carlyle
…Better known as the Incomparable Suzi Love and her Charming Husband
Other Beau Monde Members having a fabulous time….
Pam Rosenthal and Miranda Neville
That would be me and the tireless Sharon Sobel
And, finally, Anke Fontaine and I recovering the next morning.

2 Responses to In Which Wendy Shows What She’s Been Up To

  • You did country-dancing! I’m envious!

  • There’s no reason to be envious! However, I am pretty proud of myself.
    You see, at my first Beau Monde Soiree a rigid dancemaster my friend and
    I to sit out the rest of the night “to allow others to enjoy the dance”
    (i.e. he kicked us off because we were so poor at following his
    directions!) So, just making it through a few dances without falling
    over was a real thrill. 🙂

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