Here are some office objects that make me smile (or, chatchkas that keep the writing space fun) :

1. A mug/pen holder I had made featuring a set of The Tempest that my talented nephew built. Even alone, the mug makes me smile, but the contents help, too. The feather pen was a gift to outgoing Beau Monde board members from the fabulous writer Anne Lethbridge & the Tigger doll was purchased at RWA 2010 to remind me to smile because that writing conferences are (cue music) “fun, fun, fun, fun”

2. This clever clock purchased at a RWA Midnight Madness bazaar. I can’t remember which chapter came up with the design (maybe OK RWA?) but I love it.  Unfortunately, I find the ticking distracting. On the bright side, I’ve taken out the batteries and the clock is always set to “adult beverage”

2. My fake Target flower. My window is to an airshaft & my lovely view is consists of concrete and my neighbor’s shades. This lovely find cheers it up a bit. I don’t know if you can see it in the pic, but my favorite part is the fake water in the vase.

3. Hooray for plants that need little care & little light! But the real find in this pic is a hand-decorated (with some sort of burning tool) box I found in my grandmother’s attic.

4. So, I have occasionally been known to obsess (I hear my sisters snorting at the understatement). This print by artist Nikki McClure reminds me to keep plodding along–everything is a process. I don’t think that was necessarily the artists intent, but that what I thought when I saw it in a gallery in Fargo, ND. Note: You cannot imagine what trouble it is to get a poster in tact from Fargo to NYC in your luggage, particularly when Fargo was only one stop on a rent-a-car road trip between the Badlands & St. Paul involving 5 people. I really wanted that poster. Under the poster is painted ceramic that says “breathe deeply” by artist Jo-el Cookman, who happens to be my sister–always a good reminder.

5. My splurge: a Pottery Barn bookcase! The bottom shelf is deep enough to hold file boxes.  Since filing cabinets make me feel weighted down, this alternative makes me happy. The top shelf is full of my favorite romance “keepers”–always good motivation.

6 & 7. Last but not least, a tin box & a cauldron. The box is from a visit to the actual Green Gables in Prince Edward Island. I’m a life-long Anne fan & I cannot tell you how excited I was to be there. The other item is a cool cauldron that I picked up at an Aids thrift shop when I lived in Jamaica Plain, MA. I love the shape, the colors & even the little chip.

So there you have it.  My favorite office things.

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  • Wendy, I love this post! I’m a “things” person, too (if that makes any sense.) When I’m writing, I need my talismans all around me. . .

  • Thanks! I love seeing pictures of other people’s work spaces. In a Chat
    at Nationals Nora Roberts said she has a bobble head nun on her desk *grin*

  • Wendy, totally loved seeing pics of your favorite things in your office…complete with your explanations. I’ve got that same clock, but in white. The ticking doesn’t bother me, but only because it’s hanging in my master bath. It’s my morning motivator. Yes, I can see the pretend water in the vase and I love that special touch for a not so special corner. Having grown up in South Dakota, I’ve been through the Badlands quite often. Did you make it to Mount Rushmore and through the Black Hills? Okay, now I want to clean up my office so I can copy what you’ve done here. Very nice, thanks for sharing!

  •  Jaye! Thanks for reading!  Funny that you have the same clock. I adore it.

    We did stop at Mt. Rushmore…surprisingly moving. We went twice, once in the day and once near closing. Late at night, the park was almost empty. For some reason we broke out into a very off-key rendition of the star spangled banner, and the few other park-goers joined in. 🙂 At Badlands NP, I got bit by a spider while out on a not-so-serious spy mission in search of black-footed ferrets. Nope, didn’t find any…just the spider. We did, however, find Wall Drug that week *snort*

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