The other day, I wrote a post about turning in my edits to my agent, Rebecca Strauss. Let me tell you, when I type the words ‘my agent’ a surreal sense of happiness settles over me like a picnic sheet fluttering down beside the Hudson River on a warm, sunny Saturday afternoon. I feel so lucky to have found an agent who is supportive, responsive and enthusiastic.

But, though luck certainly played a part, preparation always boosts luck. I’ve had plenty of opportunities to learn: agent pitch appointments at regional and national conferences, agent blogs, following agent twitter streams, conversations with agented friends, on-line forums like Absolute Write Water Cooler and events like the Long Island Romance Writers Editor/Agent Luncheon.

If you are about to start on your own Great Agent Hunt, I found two blog posts for you.

The first contains a video in which Romantic Times web editor Morgan Doremus interviews agent Lucienne Diver. You can watch it over on the Knight Agency Website. Ms. Diver begins by talking about the typical agent day (hint: there is none) and the things an agent can do for an author. She then goes on to suggest the following ways to research agents:

AAR (Association of Author’s Representatives)
-List on the Members Only Site of Your writer’s organization (like RWA’s–sign in req.)
Publishers Marketplace (registration req., $20.00 a month)
-Following agents on Twitter (Here’s a Nov. 2010 list of Agents who twitter)

The second is this post from editor Megan Records of Kensington on the do’s and don’ts of approaching an editor or agent at a conference.

Good Luck!!

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