When immersing myself in a particular time in history, I find a picture can breathe detail into my imaginary world and strengthen historical realism. A more succinct way to put that: pictures help me world-build.

My current series takes place in the dark and gritty world of the 1780’s. and, after so thick a darkness, I hear the light, dulcet tones of the Regency call.

I love this 1812 pic from La Belle Assembly. The white dress says debutante, but the rouged cheeks and minx-ish smile reveal this heroine is no shy Miss. Perhaps she has older sisters who have whispered to her about forbidden amusements? Perhaps she is on her second or third year out?

She has a lively mind: reading, painting, writing–they all fascinate her. Her mind is so lively, in fact, that she cannot be bothered to tidy.  She longs for adventure or, at the very least, for gossip.

Well, there’s my take. What do you see in the picture?

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