Done the first run-through! Woo Hoo. I tracked & clarified the emotional changes axed a bunch of movement tags (Thanks to Miranda Liasson for pointing out that these were a drag!).

I’m going to take a weekend to let the story “marinate” and then take it from the top. Amazing agent wants more physical description of the characters (and she is right) and also a few references to my H&H’s past. I flagged some spots thought I could place this information, but it’s going to take another read-through.

Meanwhile, if you are attacking your own revision or if you just are looking for yet another way to procrastinate, allow me to suggest this site: Musical Boxes. My nephew had this on his Iphone as an app, and I was so happy to find it on stumble. Whenever I need a quick, 30 second break, I use it to create a little “music.”

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