Well, this round, anyway. I sent the requested changes off to amazing agent and two weeks ahead of schedule, to boot.

I pressed send just in time to make it to tonight’s Lady Jane’s Salon, too. Cara Elliot, who gave a fantastic workshop at last year’s Beau Monde conference, will be reading. I’m very excited!

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  • Wendy, glad to see your revisions are done and well ahead of schedule! Wish I could be as healthy as all that–I usually drag the misery out to the very last minute, just for extra suffering! 🙂

  • Thanks, Miranda!! It’s good to be done.

    I remember once I submitted a contest entry at 11:58 pm, when the deadline was 12 am. At that moment, I decided that deadlines were “outside suggestions” and that I’d work ahead-of-schedule as much as possible. It’s a self-preservation thing–life is nutty enough around here without deadline-induced panic attacks!

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