Welcome back from your memorial holiday weekend! I hope it was one of shared remembrance and that you’ve returned to the week with new memories to cherish.

Last week, I finished the last book in the Furies series and to celebrate that & the unofficial start of Summer, I’m going to be giving away the books of 5 fabulous authors. I have read all the books I am giving away this week and man are the winners in for a treat!

So here’s how it will work. I will put up a post on my Facebook Page and on the following dates. Anyone who comments or likes that post within the following 48 hours will be entered.

Tuesday May 26th-Wednesday May 27th: Beppie Harrison, The Divided Heart Boxed Set

Wednesday May 27th-Thursday May 28th: Madeline Martin, Deception of a Highlander

Thursday May 28th-Friday May 29th: Erica Monroe, Beauty & The Rake

Friday May 29th-Saturday May 30th: Valerie Bowman, The Unlikely Lady

Saturday May 30th-Sunday May 31st: Joanna Shupe, The Courtsean Duchess

Good Luck to all who choose to enter!



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