Now that summer has wound down, it’s time for a few more PRO interviews!

This weeks featured Beau Monde PRO, Suzi Love, is an elected member of the Beau Monde Board, serving as the chapter’s PRO liaison as well as maintaining the chapters’ blog and twitter accounts. She hails from Down Under. During last years floods, coordinated a gathering of books including children’s books and Romances for those who were suffering.

Not only has she poured herself into volunteer work, she has also been racking up contest finals. One of the contests she has finaled in is the Beau Monde’s Royal Ascot contest.

Thanks so much for being here, Suzi. As usual, let’s start with the twitter-pitch (140 characters or less) of your favorite finished manuscript?

Mathematically-minded Lady assists Determined Duke to foil a madwoman’s plot to control London’s Stock Exchange.

Oh fabulous! How original & exciting. What to you love most about that story?

I love heroines who are a little off kilter! This one being a mathematical genius means the rest of the Beau Monde regards her as an oddity.

Love it. I think heroines that have something that sets them apart in an unusual way are the most interesting to read about. There is so much potential for internal conflict that influences external conflict. It sounds like you’ve developed a story with those illusive twin drivers: entwined plot and character. Could you describe an ah-ha writing moment and its trigger?

At the conclusion of our Romance Writers of Australia conference each year, there is a tradition of….‘Stand Up’ if you have…

The President calls out writing achievements from the very top to beginners eg …

Stand Up if you’ve made the Times Best Seller list this year – Made your first sale – Entered your first contest – Attended conference – Are the Spouse or family member of someone standing…

Until the entire room is on its feet and cheering.

The first time I was part of this, I cried. Then I looked around and thought about how much each writer had achieved in those 12 months, and through their own hard work. I vowed that each year I’d have worked hard enough to add something to my own list of… Stand Up If You Have….

What a wonderful story.  I had a similar experience with NJRWA. They used to give carnations out to anyone who had reached a milestone, from finishing a story to submitting to an agent or editor to being published. I don’t know why, but those carnations were real motivators to take it to the next step.

So, I’m sure your nightstand holds a novel or two. What’s your favorite Romance and why?

All Amanda Quick’s books take pride of place on my ‘Keeper’s shelf because I adore the energy and inventiveness of the early Victorian era she writes about and because her heroines are always out of synch with the rest of the world. These heroines’ differences entice heroes with their own peculiarities, and despite inevitable and frequent clashes between the two strong personalities, the author makes it clear from the moment the two cross paths that the hero knows he’s doomed. Helpless to resist her attractions, and despite his valiant efforts to retain control, he willingly accepts his fate.

Ah, so romantic!

Agreed! Do you have any other thoughts/advice on pursuing publication?

As you can see by number 3, my only advice is work hard. Write as often as possible, read as much as you can, get involved in the industry.

Great pointers! Thanks so much for being here Suzi!

One commenter will receive a copy of each book in Beau Monde author Candice Hern’s Regency Rakes Trilogy.

26 Responses to In PRO-suit of Publication: an Interview with Ms. Suzi Love

  • Hi Suzi and Wendy!
    Suzi-Thank you for all your volunteering. I’m tired just thinking about all you do. The “Stand Up” tradition sounds like a blast. Your Twitter pitch has inspired me to look at my own pitches and make them better. Best wishes in all your endeavors and I can’t wait to read your first published book very soon.:)

  • Great interview–Suzi is a great volunteer and cheerleader!

  • Hi Suzi–your book sounds like something I would love to read.  Here’s hoping you get published soon!  Thanks for all the work you do for the Beau Monde Pros.

  • Angelina,
    Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting,
    Wendy deserves the compliments for the PRO group because she started it for the Beau Monde, and we’re all very grateful for her innovative ideas.
    And I’m desperately hoping to read my publisehd books soon too – He He!
    Here’s hoping for good publsining luck for all of us,

  • Angelyn,
    Thanks so much for the lovely compliments,
    It’s lovely of Wendy to have me here, and wonderful that she interviews all the Beau Monde Pro members.
    We have so many enthusiastic members, as you know, who are on the road to being published, and I hope we all get there very soon so we can celebrate together,

  • Karen,
    Lovely to see you here and thanks for your wonderful comments and compliments,
    Isn’t it great that Wendy does this series with the Beau Monde Pros so we can learn more about each other? Hugs to Wendy!
    And thanks to everyone for their help,

  • I can’t take credit for the the chapter PRO liaison position, it was a board decision & then a chapter-wide vote to change the bylaws. Isobel, I think, was president; I just created the loop.

    I agree with Angelina–between twitter and Pro’s, the blog & award winning manuscripts, I am always so impressed, Suzi!

  • Thanks to Suzi for being here! It was a privilege and a treat to hear about her PRO-gress 🙂

    I’m on the road in the morning. Given the state of the roads in NY/New England post-Irene, I’m going to be conservative and give myself a little extra time. So bear with me…I’ll announce the winner of the comment contest tomorrow evening, hopefully around 7.

  • Absolutely agree with you about Jayne Ann Krentiz – Amanda Quick – call her what you will. Quirky characters with deep romance and I admire the way she can genre hop with her integrity intact. You always know “This is a JAK book.”

  • Hi Wendy and Suz
    One word. Inspiring!
    It was a pleasure to sit with you at the RWA awards dinner, Suzi. At the  Stand Up  if you have… I was absolutely in tears. The power in the room was just phenomenal.

  • Hi Wendy and Sue, Sue, your story sounds like something I’d really enjoy. I’ve come late to Amanda Quick, I love her quirky characters.

  • Your plot sounds so unique Suzi, surely you must be close to publication?  I will be clapping very loudly when you stand up next year at conference.

  • Just wanted to give a wave to Suzi and to thank you and Wendy for all your work promoting us Pro’s!  Thanks for making the Beau Monde such a great and mentoring community. 

  • Hi All! Thanks so much for reading and thanks for commenting as well. Today’s winner chosen at random from a hat is (drumroll) Cassie P! Cassie will you email me at wendy @ acenteredlife .com? Congrats!

  • Miranda,
    Lovely to see you here,
    And thanks to you also for helping promote Regency romances everywhere, and for being such a great supporter of the Beau Monde Chapter,

  • Cassie,
    Hopefully we’re all very close to publication and we all do book signings together- woo hoo!

  • Maggi,
    Thanks for dropping by to meet the gorgeous Wendy. So glad to find others who love Amanda Quick’s books & characters,

  • Annie,
    Isn’t the Stand Up tradition amazing? So inspiring to be in a room full of romance authors who are committed to being fabulous writers,

  • Vonnie,
    Isn’t Amanda Quick ( Jayne Ann Krentz) an amazing author? Able to write in so many genres and entertain us all so well,
    Thanks for dropping by and saying hello to Wendy & I,

  • Wendy,
    Thank you so much for having me, and for all you do to promote the Regency romance genre,

  • Wendy,
    Thanks so much for interviwing me here,
    And congratulations to Cassie P for winning the fabulous prize from Wendy,
    Candice Hern is a wonderful Regency era author and her books are delighful,

  • That would be very cool indeed Suzi.

  • Lovely Interview, Suzi. And what a great tweet pitch for your manuscript! I’m sure you’ll be picked up by a savvy publisher very soon.

    Thanks, Wendy.

  • Hi Suzi,
    Lovely photo of you, just a bit disappointed not see KR in the background. 🙂
    I agree, the writing achievements standing ovation after the awards dinner is a great motivator.

  • Sandy,
    Thanks for dropping by Wendy’s gorgeous blog and checking us out,
    And sadly for you no, no life-size drool-worth man showing in this background,
    If I shared my yummy posters, you’d all be green with jealousy over who keeps me company in my office every day, and who inspires all my dark haired heroes. Keanu is my little secret. Grin!

  • Cath,
    Thanks for the compliments, and hopefully both Wendy and I will be joining you amongst the ‘published author elite’ very soon. Fingers crossed!

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