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logoHave you heard about the 2016 Historical Romance Readers Retreat in Spokane, Washington – September 22-25, 2016? The retreat is a dream-come-true for any lover of historical romance, and I’ll tell you why.

First, about the retreat:

Founders Renee Bernard and Delilah Marvelle envision a cozy event. Registration iDSCN3573s capped at 300—3 readers to every featured author—which means, unlike other events where you wait in line to see an author only to find yourself crouched over an autograph table, rushing through a conversation about your favorite scene or character while the author looks up, straining to hear, they’ll be plenty of time to kick back and chat about the interests historical romance authors and readers share—history and books! By the time the weekend is over, you will have pictures galore, tales to tell, and plenty of new reads.

Did I mention the parties? Just take a look at the preliminary schedule. Soirees! Gaming! Even a ball! Who hasn’t dreamed of attending a ball? This is your chance to be a historical romance heroine! But not to worry, historical clothing is optional (but certainly celebrated if you choose to dress up).

Need another reason to treat yourself to the retreat? This won’t be a yearly event. The registration fee is $285 until December 31st, when it will increase to $345, and payment plans are available. The hotel rates—$150 in the Davenport Tower and $190 in the historic Davenport—are both far below what’s normally charged. Once registered, you can join a facebook group just for attendees if you’d like to find a roommate and share the cost.

Next, Spokane and The DavenportDSCN3574

Back in 2008, my husband and I took Amtrak’s ‘The Empire Builder’ from Seattle to Spokane. From the moment we disembarked, Spokane began carving a place in my heart. Having finished a Julia Quinn novel on the train, Auntie’s bookstore was naturally the first store I spotted. After perusing their large Romance section, I bought Elizabeth Hoyt’s To Taste Temptation, which was prominently displayed with a note of personal recommendation from a bookstore employee. Oh yes, my friends, an indie bookstore that celebrates romance…or, in other words, a slice of heaven. I loved Auntie’s so much, I made my husband pose for a picture out front. Not surprisingly, Auntie’s is an enthusiastic supporter of The DSCN3572HRR, and since it’s right downtown, it is well worth a visit!

And then there is the Historic Davenport…

I can honestly say the Davenport is the only hotel that has ever left me speechless. A more romantic venue Does. Not. Exist. A bold statement (cough), but true. And once you’ve stepped inside the ornate, two-story lobby, you will understand. I promise you that walking through the Davenport is as close as a historical romance lover in this hemisphere can come to time travel. I wanted to curl up in one of the overstuffed chairs and live there forever. But any hotel with a lobby like that has to have great event rooms, right? I did some sleuthing. To the right is my hastily taken pic of one of the lamps in the Isabella ballroom (the only ballroom unlocked that day, lol).

But back to Spokane…DSCN3565

My 48 hours there were not enough to enjoy everything the city had to offer. Spokane Falls lies in the center of town and the falls are breathtaking. Like the tourists we were, we took the SkyRide to get a birds-eye view. But my favorite stop was a visit to the Campbell House Museum. Two things I remember best from our house tour—the parlor clock that chimed 15 minutes so callers would not overstay their welcome & the tiny lace irons in the laundry room. The house is a true treat for lovers of history. Here’s a YouTube video featuring the Campbell House on Halloween:



After our stop at the museum, we strolled the streets, visiting local artisan shops and admiring turn-of-the-century architecture until we spotted a bar that was featuring jazz that evening. We ended our visit listing to live music and soaking up the creative atmosphere of Spokane. I remember wondering if I’d ever have the opportunity to see the city again. And now I know the answer—yes. Guess who just found out she is going to be one of the 50 featured authors?


I’m thrilled (and a bit awed) to be one of the featured authors, excited to meet readers, and looking forward to returning to one of my favorite “small” cities in the world.

I hope I’ve inspired you to claim your spot at 2016 Historical Romance Readers Retreat. It’s sure to be a dream escape… historic and—a-hem—one for the books.

Only have a minute but want to now about the New Entangled Historical releases, including Duchess Decadence? Here’s my four-question interviews with Mia Marlowe, Ally Broadfield, Nicola Davidson and myself.

First up? Mia! Welcome, Mia! Please give us The Madness of Lord Westfall in one line.

When Pierce Langdon, Lord Westfall fell from an oak tree as a boy, the accident so rattled his brain, it left him hearing voices. Now he’s fallen again…this time for a totally unsuitable woman!

Delicious! Which came first, The Madness of Lord Westfall’s plot, premise or people?

My hero came first. The Madness of Lord Westfall is Order of the M.U.S.E. book two, and we first meet Pierce in book one, The Curse of Lord Stanstead. I was fascinated by the idea of writing a hero who’d spent time confined to Bedlam.

Indeed, that *is* a fascinating challenge. What do you love about The Madness of Lord Westfall?

The book is all about redemption and the way love binds up the hurts of our pasts and makes us whole.

Hear! Hear! Before you go, will you share your favorite advanced review quote for The Madness of Lord Westfall?

I’m thrilled to share that there have been lots of terrific ones, but one of my favs was the review with a 5 star rating from a Goodreads reader: “I never thought I would start with this sentence… I fell for a man who has been in a prisoner in Bedlam. But when you read this wonderful tale you will too.”

Oh, that is just perfect! Thank you for stopping by, Mia! Next up, my two Entangled Scandalous release-day sisters Ally & Nicola. First, Ally. Welcome Ally! Please give is Say You’ll Love Me in one line.

Lady Abigail Hurst enlists her friend’s brother, Edmund Townsend, the Marquess of Longcroft, to help determine whether her betrothed is guilty of murder, but before the investigation concludes, Abigail discovers with Edmund the kind of love she always wanted…a little too late.

Oh, I love a good betrothed-to-the-wrong-man story! Which came first, Say You’ll Love Me’s plot, premise or people?
The premise. One evening while I was cleaning the kitchen, an idea, or rather a conundrum popped into my head. How would a Regency lady react if she found out her betrothed might have murdered his mistress? She could immediately end the engagement, but what if he had been her childhood sweetheart, and their fathers were close friends who lived on neighboring estates? Would she stick around to see whether he was innocent before deciding what to do, and if he was proven innocent, could she get past the fact that he had a mistress?

I can imagine that got the plot wheels churning! What do you love about Say You’ll Love Me?

I love Edmund, the hero. He’s so wonderfully awkward and clueless about matters of the heart, yet extremely capable in all other areas.

*Big grin* he sounds like a wonderful hero. Before you go, will you share your favorite advanced review quote for Say You’ll Love Me?

“Love, romance and a mystery to be solved, that and exceptional writing made this book an amazing one.” ~wrecked_life, Goodreads review

High praise! Thank you for coming, Ally! Nicola! Your turn. Welcome Nicola! Please give us One Forbidden Knight in one line?

After her physician father’s mysterious death, Catherine Linwood must navigate the intrigue of Queen Mary’s court with a handsome stranger who could save or destroy her.

Edge-of-your-seat wonderful! Which came first, One Forbidden Knight’s plot, premise or people?

Premise! I chanced upon an article about Queen Mary Tudor, who had not one, but two phantom pregnancies. It got me thinking, what might a fervent Catholic queen on a rocky throne do to keep her secrets – even to my heroine, her loyal lady in waiting? Naturally my hero had to be the queen’s enemy, an illegitimate Protestant. And so it began…

I’m breathless just reading the description. What do you love about One Forbidden Knight?

I love the blend of real life events, suspense, sweet romance and wickedness. 🙂

Sounds like a recipe for a great read. Before you go, will you share your favorite advanced review quote for One Forbidden Knight?

“From the start this reader was enchanted with Catherine and Brandon’s characters. Their escapades and steaming chemistry was beyond scorching. Action aplenty throughout the read and a story that I wanted to just keep reading.”

OOOH! Beyond Scorching. Love it. Thanks for stopping by, Nicola! And so it is down to me! Here is Duchess Decadence in one line:

A disgraced duchess must confront the wounds of her past if she is to protect her duke from a malevolent murderer and so she takes the greatest gamble of her life.

As to which came first, Duchess Decadence’s plot, premise or people…

From the very first draft of Lady Vice, the first book in the Furies Series, I knew the hero, Max, worked closely with a powerful Duke. To complicate matters, I made that Duke’s estranged wife the heroine’s close friend. Both the Duke and the Duchess jumped into the pages of Lady Vice in all their prickly complexity. It was a true challenge to find a way for two proud and wounded people to come together once again.

Of course, I’ll share what I love about Duchess Decadence…

My favorite part of writing the series has been showing the value and closeness of female friendship, especially in times of hardship. For a duchess getting in touch with her sensual side, the support and information only true friends could share proves essential. And I love what happens when a stitched up Duke lets the floodgates open.

And finally, my favorite advance review quote for Duchess Decadence was:

“We’ve seen the Duke and Duchess interact with each other through each of the other Furies books and I knew that when they finally got back together, it would be explosive. LaCapra did not disappoint me!!” -Amy A, Goodreads. What a pleasure and a relief that was to read!

Thanks for stopping by!