Last week was somewhat rocky. But my lovely husband challenged the course of events by secretly buying me a Nook. Just when I was at my worst he gave it to me with the words, “time to double down.”

I’ve been daydreaming about having an e-reader ever since Amazon issued the first Kindle. For research, I often read parts of early 19th century sources on Google Books, and to have them in epub format on Kindle is almost as good as having the NYPL in my office. I’m 2 chapters into “Celebrated trials connected with the upper class”

Incidentally, some of the best parts of reading 18th century editions are the prefaces. The version I have downloaded contains this gem:

“In publishing these celebrated trials concerning the upper classes, he [the editor] has not the most distant intent or idea of depreciating the well-known and wide-spread worth and reputation of those superior orders of society, which are the best in the realm…”

(I am so looking forward to indulging in more of these editions!)

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