Jo Bourne tweeted this very, very interesting blog on Twitter turn-offs by Allison Winn Scotch. What makes the blog truly unique is that the “turn offs” were identified not by the author of the blog, but by readers and aspiring writers within the comments section.

…Readers telling an author what they hate about authors on twitter….now that’s worth a close listen!

I collected & categorized the objections (a somewhat subjective process, I will admit). Here are the top 6 with the number of times they were mentioned:

1. Discussing Politics 7 (full disclosure: 2 additional commenters mentioned limited politics being OK)
2. Ignoring fans DM’s and @ replies 6
3. Tweeting complaints and/or Scolding another’s tweets 6
4. Using auto DM as Thank you disguised Promo 4
5. Too many tweets in a row and/or Too Many all together 4
6. Too Much Information (For instance, mentioning body functions) 3

Good stuff, huh? Do you have any twitter advice?

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