You’ve heard that a picture is worth 1,000 words, of course. For the Historical Romance Novelist, a picture can be worth hours of research as well.

Take this post on Regency Fashion: Ladies Half-Boots over at Jane Austen’s World.

As I am writing, I seldom think about shoes. However, imagine your heroine standing breathless and desperate on the steps of her father’s London townhouse, desperately needing to cross the unwashed street for some very good reason I’ve yet to imagine. There would be horse manure, puddles of goodness-knows-what and perhaps some trash and some straw between her and her destination. Now, imagine her feet clad only in the dainty little coverings like these (Pic from the Shoe Icon Website, dated late 18th/early 19th cent.).

Kind of raises the tension, doesn’t it?

Or, if landscape is what inspires your imagination, take this post on a private pleasure garden from Nicola Cornick over at Word Wenches.

She has some fantastic pictures of her visit to Old Wardour. I’ve passed plenty of hours imagining my characters frolicking around the grounds of Vauxhall, but the idea of a private pleasure garden is fascinating.

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