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My love of history and stories starts with my father, who eschewed the usual children’s story books and instead read us Longfellow. I remember crying all through Evangimageeline, but at the same time feeling deeply for the parted lovers. Stories that evoked timeless emotions became a passion. After I’d exhausted classic children’s stories of ‘girls in skirts’ (Like Heidi, Anne of Green Gables, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm), I ventured into the adult section of the library and discovered Victoria Holt. Whoa! History, jeopardy, and love? More, please.

About the same time I found my aunt’s stash of Georgette Heyer and imageBarbara Cartland books and I was introduced to the Glittering Regency. That, my friends, was the end. No matter what was happening in real life, I knew I could escape to a world where manners reigned supreme & broken hearts would always mend.

imageFrom the rich, sensual gothics and epics of the 1980’s to the witty romps of the 90’s to the vast array of times and tones available now, Historical Romance will always be my first love.

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