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Ummm… do you really want to know my biggest Phobia?

At first, I honestly did not have an answer. I considered things I’m weird about. Like, I touch the outside of a plane & say a quick, grateful prayer as I walk on. Every time. Why? I don’t know any more than I know why I only drink Tomato Juice in flight and never any other time.

Bloody Marys don’t count. (says me)

But the question was not ‘what makes you weird’ so, I returned to the concept of fear and started to make a list of things that used to terrify me and don’t anymore, mostly because experience has made me realize I will survive no matter what my pounding heart is trying to make me believe. Writer conferences! Marriage! Getting lost in a country and not knowing the language! Spiders!

Wait. Spiders?

My suddenly tight chest gave me my answer. Spiders still FREAK me out. Rodents? Nah. Not even those of unusual size. Centipedes? Not really. I just make mental agreements with them a la Patrick Swayze, ‘this my dance space this is your dance space…don’t come into my dance space.’ But spiders? Ack. I cannot even trick myself into believing they will honor mental negotiations. They move too fast. They kill too quickly. They are just all around creepy.

Phidippus whitmani jumping spider closeup with blurred background ** Note: Soft Focus at 100%, best at smaller sizes

Take, my friends, exhibit A: the Phidippus Whitmani Jumping Spider as photographed by Thomas Rak. I had to use a BigStock Photo credit to buy this one, because hell, no I don’t have a picture of a spider. *breathes deeply*

After I figured out my biggest phobia, I decided to add a tale of caution for those of you reading. If, perchance, you see a HUGE, hairy, freaking-looking spider in your closet one day, do not just shut the door and come back later. Said spider will likely be gone. And you will likely be shaking out your clothes every day for the next three years.

…Ask me how I know this. 😉

BTW! Congrats to this month’s Writer Wednesday Release– Tamra Baumann’s It had to be Love! I just loved Tamra’s last book and this one is sure to be a treat!


It Had to Be Love

Tara Carter isn’t looking for romance. She’s content seeing patients at her new practice by day, then going home and cuddling with her puppy at night. Her new life in the tiny town of Anderson Butte, Colorado—known by celebrities as the place to lie low—is the perfect respite for a woman with a whopper of a secret. There’s just one problem: the town’s sexy sheriff knows she’s hiding something.

Sheriff Ryan Anderson, weary of small-town drama, has sworn off dating locals and thinks a fresh start in a bigger city is in order. However, the more he gets to know Tara, the more his heart tells him that she could be the woman of his dreams. But he wants to get to the bottom of whatever she’s trying so hard to keep under wraps. Can he uncover her secret before it drives them apart forever?

Now available on Amazon!


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8 Responses to Writer Wed.: My Biggest Phobia

  • Yucky pix. but a good one. I’m with you on the spider issues, Wendy. But alas, we could only pick one phobia, so I chose another. ;0)

    • 🙂 I can’t find a way to comment on your post Tammy, but you are lovely and poised and you did great in your GH speech and ALSO during the Golden Network’s AGM! I was my high school graduation speaker, and I don’t remember anything about giving the speech (mercifully) because when I tried to read Lady Vice at Lady Jane’s Salon, my voice shook like a opera singer’s vibrato, but without, you know, the beautiful notes. 🙂 Congrats on your release!!

  • YAY! I found the comment spot. I was here earlier– got shivers from the spider pic– and couldn’t find the spot. Yes, I’m not the most tech savvy in the group.

    I have to say I agree with you on both points, Wendy. Spiders are creepy and Tamra’s book is awesome! I’ve already read and can’t wait for her next one to come out. Yes, I’m greedy that way. 🙂

    Love you book cover, Wendy! Definitely entices the reader to pick it up, and once they open to page one and start reading, they can’t put it down!

    • Thanks or being persistent, Pris! Something about my theme doesn’t allow comments unless you open the post. I try and force readers to open the post with the ‘continue reading’ link because I don’t know how to fix the theme 😉

      Thanks for the cover & book love. Entangled has given me FANTASTIC covers!

  • Spiders seem to be the phobia of choice today. I’m not crazy about rodents, either–found that out during a brief period of catlessness a few years ago. I hired a new cat, who is probably too fat and happy to be a hunter, but on the other hand, no more rodents.

    • Well, I have had mouse issues in the past (and when I lived downtown we had a brief rat problem in the courtyard), but it’s not something that *completely* freaks me out–just a minor eek, 😉

      BTW, I wish I could have a cat. I’m sadly allergic. Give her a pet for me!

  • Great post, Wendy. I totally relate to the spider phobia. Very creepy pic, too! Although I admit, I scrolled it off the screen as quickly as I could!

    By the way, I always drink tomato juice in flight and at no other time, too!

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