BlogCarnAugust5-01Hello Writer Wednesday readers and writers!

Today’s topic asks us to report out last three search results. As you’ll soon be able to tell, I am not currently in the heart of researching or writing. When I was researching my Furies series, Lady Vice, Lady Scandal and the upcoming Duchess Decadence, some searches I did were: “secret rooms in 18th century houses,” “18th century quills,” “graphite holder,” and “extinct titles” (among many others!). boneteleAlthough those searches led to interesting places, I love when research happens in reverse, as it did when I found this article on recently discovered bone telescopes so interesting, I edited a scene in Lady Vice to include a bone telescope.

But I digress.

As usual.

Without further ado, here are my last three search results:

Scott Bradlee’s Post Modern Jukebox:

A friend of Facebook had posted a video by these performers and I was HOOKED. I missed their recent tour but I hope to catch them next time they come around. I love their smokey, jazzy take on current hits.

Stash Tea Cinnamon Apple Chamomile:

I’m, shall we say, a bit tense these days (see below). I’m also reaching the bottom of my container of various forms of Chamomile tea (or, as I like to think of it–‘calm-the-heck-down,-Wendy’ tea). Not good. So, I searched to find out if Stash still makes this unusual flavor (because I lurrves it, even though I try not to drink tea that contains ‘natural flavors’).


Craig’s List Queens:

Because I’m moving this month and my furniture is NOT going to fit in my new place. So I’ve placed my outsized bookcases and dressers and tables for sale. Alas, I’d rather scratch my nails against slate than empty out a house, but the time for avoidance and procrastination has passed.

That’s it for me! By the next Writer Wednesday installment, I should be New-Home Sweet Home. Ahh yes, I can just about imagine it! Looking forward to reading about the other searches given by the Writer Wednesday crew!

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10 Responses to Writer Wed.: My Last Three Search Results

  • What a lovely post, Wendy. I’m definitely going to check out your sources for chamomile tea. And I hope the moving goes well. I hate moving and all the work it causes!

    • Thank you, Sharon! I like Stash & Tazo, but I’m still hunting for the perfect blend. Sometimes, I just go straight for seeping the dried flowers (grocers specializing in middle-eastern food sometimes sell them by the bag).

  • Good luck with the move, Wendy. And maybe I need to look into this magic Calm-Wendy-Down tea for myself! :0)

  • Oooo, tea. I will have to research that chamomile flavor. I have Hazelnut Chocolate decaf.. YUM! As for your move…{{HUGS}}… You will feel so much better when it’s over. You’ll survive the experience to write another blog. 🙂 I’ve moved 18 times and I have at least on more next year. 🙂

  • Hi Wendy, good luck with moving home. I’m doing the same myself, though I’ve not yet sold my house. Still getting rid of stuff thought because like you, it’s a downsize. Definitely this next move is for the next 40 years! Thanks for the link to the jazz, what a great voice. As for the tea, I’m a tea fanatic, but prefer what we call ‘Builders’ Brew’ which is to say, strong, brown, Indian. When I’m feeling the need to detox, I love fennel, or ginger or limeflower. Keep calm and carry on, love.

    • Thank you, Nat! And I’ll be sending you lots of this-too-shall-pass downsizing vibes when your turn comes. I hear that writing and life are easier clutter-free. We shall see…

      I’m also a big Ginger tea fan!

  • Oh, good luck with the move, Wendy. I can’t think of many things lower on my want-to-do list, which is probably why I’m still in the house we bought in 1976! It does seem like the Internet makes everything a little easier, though.

  • Great post, Wendy. I have to say, I don’t envy you having to move. We went through the same thing a year ago. After 17 years, we downsized from a large house and workshop to a condo. During that time, Craigslist was my friend! The huge garage sale we had helped a bunch, too.

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