I’d like to welcome Beau Monde PRO and former Beau Monde Secretary, the fabulous Angelina Barbin. Angelina spent two years volunteering as the Beau Monde Secretary, and is now transitioning into the role of Mentor Program Coordinator. While stationed for five years with the USAF in Suffolk, England, Angelina not only acquired a husband but a love of all things Regency. She is a full-time writer and lives in the beautiful American southwest.

Thanks for being here Angelina! In keeping with my earlier PRO interviews, let’s start with the twitter-pitch of your favorite manuscript.

A recovering alcoholic countess longing for a child helps an infertile prodigal son thwart a blackmailer.

Wow, I love it! You packed the promise of several heart-rending choices in that short pitch. I think it’s one of the best twitter-pitches I’ve ever read. So, tell me, what do you love about this story?

Neither of my main characters fit into society’s mold. One of my critique partners didn’t think a heroine who was a recovering alcoholic would work, but when she read the manuscript she loved it.

I love characters who learn resilience and over come their past weaknesses! What could could better express hope and love? It sounds like you’ve learned to honor your stories. Can you share any other ah-ha moments?

Most of my ah-ha moments come when I’m critiquing someone else’s work but my latest moment came at the RWA conference this year. After sitting in a roomful of writers waiting for my agent appointment I was shown to a waiting agent and she gave me the widest smile. I realized agents and editors don’t want my work to stink any more than I do. Industry professionals aren’t going to waste their time at conferences unless they want to find new writers. I have doubled my efforts in submitting and I’m not afraid anymore. Really. Take your best shot. Put yourself out there. The worst that can happen is your writing gets better.

I agree! A conference pitch room is a fantastic place to learn. It’s so helpful to “depersonalize” the process. Brenda Novak developed an awesome worksheet where she asks authors to think like different publishing professionals and answer the question: If you were an X, what would make you choose one author/book over another?

But, back to Romance. What’s your favorite romance?

My favorite book is Arabella because it was my first Georgette Heyer book. I came to Heyer only recently and everything I love in a book, Arabella has it: an impetuous heroine, a strong hero, witty dialogue and a Cinderella like story. If you love the Regency, a Heyer book completely immerses you in the era.

Absolutely! Heyer was a master. Any parting words of wisdom?

As so many have said before me, my advice would be to read and write as much as possible. Read to keep up on what the market is buying. Write because you‘re a writer and you can’t imagine doing anything else. 


Thanks for being here, Angelina! Best of luck.

A randomly chosen commenter will win a copy of Lady Dearing’s Masquerade an Ebook By Beau Monde Member Elena Greene!

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  • Wendy, thank you for interviewing me. I haven’t had internet for two days and miraculously I do today. (It must be a sign.) 🙂


  • You know I’m wishing you the best of luck, Angelina!

  • Deb- Thank you for the support. I’ve been a huge fan of yours since reading your debut novel, Scandalous Lord, Rebellious Miss. I think I sent you a really goofy fan e-mail after reading it.:)

  • Hi Angelina!  Your book sounds amazing.  And you took a courageous leap making her a recovering alcoholic–I’d pick that book up in a heartbeat!  Best of luck!!!!  I’m off to pull Arabella off my shelf…

  • Miranda- Thank you for taking a peek here and commenting. The book is out there, but no takers yet. On another note, I need to subscribe to your blog as it is very entertaining.:)

  • Ella- Thanks for the well wishes. Yes, Wendy is a great interviewer. 

  • Goofy fan mail is better than gold!  But I don’t think it was goofy at all!  I do know it warmed my heart!

  • Good advice for writers and the book sounds great!

  • Maggi- Wow! A comment from Down Under. You have written so many books I think I need advice from you. 

  • Wendy, thanks for interviewing our tireless Beau Monde worker, Angelina. We all love her!
    Fantastic pitch line. Editors and agents will love it. And fingers crossed doing those pitches in NYC pays off for you. We need lots more excuses for meeting up at conferences. Lots more partying to do.

  • Angelina–your book sounds fascinating!  I’m so glad you had a good experience with pitching.  Best of luck with your submissions.

  • Thanks Ella and Suzi & Thanks to Angelina for lending us her time and wisdom! I’ll pick the random-from-a-hat winner in the morning.  So happy all of you stopped by!

  • Great interview, Angel!  

    This >> “I realized agents and editors don’t want my work to stink any more than I do. “

    Is pure gold advice. NYC was a wonderful experience and I hope to do it all over with you again, roomie!  


  • Karen- Thank you! Best of luck to you as well.  

  • Elaine & Suzi-

    I appreciate your support. Love and miss you both.

  • Our blog winner is…………………

    Ella Quinn!! I
    ll be in touch, Ella.  Thank you to all who stopped by. Great having you, Angelina!

  • Congrats to Ella.  Thank you again, Wendy, for having me here.

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