Woo Hoo.

Back in March, the hilarious and talented Kristan Higgins blogged about agents over at Romance U. She wrote, “We all feel so honored when an agent requests something…feels like hitting Powerball Lotto or getting kissed by Derek Jeter.” I am here to attest to the truth of her statement.

Finally, after two rounds of queries and a major revision, I have found someone who believes in my story and wants to work with me to make it the best it can be (oh, and sell it, of course).

In other words: I have an agent!

I do feel like I’ve hit the Powerball Lotto. Ever since I spoke with her, I have been zen. Thanksgiving for 20? No problem! Eight overnight guests? Bring it on! I’m coasting on a gentle breeze that is validation, baby. Nothing can touch me.

Well, accept my house mice issue. That still irks me. Currently, I’m kinda stressed about leaving my chocolate bourbon pecan pie out to cool overnight. Best pie ever! And, it’s a bitch to make from scratch so if the beasties get to it I’m gonna have issues.

ANYWAY, I’m thankful for my agent. I’m thankful for my family (who, unbeknown to them, will hear a great deal about my agent this Thursday) and I’m thankful for writing friends and bourbon and pies and Turkey and chilly evenings and laughter and puzzles. I’m thankful for winter-deserted beaches, black-Friday sales, and rubber gloves so the Pine-sol doesn’t further wrinkle my hands. I’m thankful for those little metal things that keep the edges of pies from burning (I’m a wee ADD, so most of these things are very time-specific, as in, I used them today). I’m thankful for the Princess Bride, movie and book.

I’m just plain thankful.

(But back off mice, I’m armed and dangerous when it comes to rodents!!)

Happy Thanksgiving

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