To me, the great coat is more than a necessary staple of any Georgian Gentleman’s Wardrobe. The Great Coat is one of the best features of Regency & Georgian romances. Who can Resist the idea of being swept into the arms of a hero, held against his expansively wide romance-novel chest and wrapped in his wonderfully warm Great Coat?

The Great Coat was usually woolen and featured a large collar and sometimes an over-the shoulders cape, both used to button up against winds and rain. The coat dropped to the knee or lower. If you, too, are a fan of the great coat, be sure to check out this wonderful post by Susan Holloway Scott at the Two Nerdy History Girls blog.

The Great Coat was (and is, IMO) the very essence of a man-in-command. Of course, when needed, it can be dastardly and villainous as well!

What’s this got to do with the 1980’s?

I was kind of wee when this came out, but I remember having heart-flutters every time I saw a guy in one of those long trenches with the collars up.

Although, the fellows of Simple Minds cannot be accused to the practicality possessed by Georgian Gentlemen. The subtitle to this video could be: New wave boys seriously under-dressed for standing on a mountain ridge. And, no one did the 80’s collar-up jacket like Sting…

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