This one shouldn’t have stymied me, but it did. While I love all the traditional elements of ‘romance’—candles, firelight, flowers, chocolate, wine—I don’t have a single idea that constitutes a ‘romantic date.’

So I thought about it aFile Feb 08, 10 58 42 AMnd decided that I couldn’t come up with one idea because romance is very specific to not only the couple, but the time in their lives. One of the most romantic things my husband did for me recently was to break off from our New Year’s traveling party and wait in line with me so that I could ride the Ferris Wheel on the Santa Monica pier. The romance of the experience had less to do with the ocean, the setting sun, and the sense of childish fun and wonder (although those things certainly helped) than it had to do with the fact that my husband was only marginally interested, but he made the arrangements for me and then thoroughly enjoyed File Feb 08, 10 57 18 AMhimself once we got up there. (And lest you think this is one sided, the whole reason we were in LA with his brother & family was to see the Rose Bowl parade and game—which is something he’s wanted to do all his life.)

But what we are really talking about here is Valentine’s Day, right?

Over the years we’ve done fancy dinners, pizza & a movie and quiet dinners-at-home. We once headed to my home city Philadelphia and had cheese steaks while watching it snow. (Very romantic, if you are from Philly). For this year, we’ve discussed several options and haven’t hit on anything that sparkles for either of us. Unless you count the free ice sculpture carving demonstration that will be happening on Saturday the 13th in Central Park here in NYC—that is so on our must-do liFile Feb 08, 10 58 05 AMst. For actual Valentine’s day, we’ll probably end up home. Which is more than OK with me, because ultimately the most romantic thing in the world is the privilege of spending time with the guy I love who, miraculously, loves me back. And is somehow after knowing each other for nearly 20 years and being together about 17, still interested in the same stories I’ve told over, and over, and over….







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8 Responses to Writer Wednesdays: My idea of a Romantic Date

  • Yay, for you! I’m so impressed that you can get on a ferris wheel! I still haven’t overcome that fear of heights, but you’ve inspired me to try!

  • I’m with you, Wendy. Some of the simplest dates have been the best memories for me! Happy Valentine’s Day. (If you go to the ice carving deal we’d like pix please! )

  • I agree, Wendy. Some of my favorite dates are simple and spontaneous. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Hi Wendy. Being whisked off somewhere is a lovely idea, but a ‘date’ at home in front of the fire, a great movie, bottle of champagne, steak (cheese or otherwise) will do it for me too. I wish you many, many happy years with your lovely man. xxx Natalie

  • Yes, Wendy. Pix of the ice carving, please. And you are absolutely right, romance is about so much more than one day.

    As I’m reading everyone’s posts, I’m smiling like crazy because, one, it’s like having a conversation with you when we have to wait a year, sometimes longer, between seeing each other face to face. But it’s also the new facet of what helps make each of you who you are.

    That comes from the one we each hold so close to our hearts. They help us be ourselves, which is something that will last longer than any bouquet of roses or box of chocolates.

    Hugs and happy Valentine’s Day.


  • Oooh, an ice sculpture demonstration? That sounds like fun! I hope you post pics either here or on Twitter! 🙂

    Sounds like whether your high in the sky on a ferris wheel or having a quiet dinner at home, you and your hubby know how to celebrate even the little things with each other. That, my dear friend, is a true blessing! 🙂

    Happy Valentine’s Day to both of you!

  • Bummer, I tried to leave a comment, but I’m not sure if it went through so I’ll try again. Hopefully it won’t show up twice! :-O

    Just wanted to say that the ice sculpting demo sounds like a LOT of fun! Hope you can post pics here or on social media.

    And, in reading your blog is sounds like you and your hubby have found a way to celebrate your love in different ways– whether at the height of a ferris wheel or enjoying a stay-at-home dinner. That’s a true blessing! 🙂

    Happy Valentine’s Day to both of you!

  • The Ferris Wheel sounds romantic to me, Wendy. And especially the idea that he went out of his way to arrange something that you wanted to do.

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