Stream jumping in a park sometime in the 1990s

This month’s Writer Wednesday Question is: What would your best day ever look like?

I asked myself this question and discovered, instead, what my best day ever would absolutely NOT look like, which is me, staring at a blinking cursor.

So, to dig a little deeper, I started thinking about the best days I can remember-

My favorite day as a kid? Group picnic day, when rope swings and water balloons were always on the agenda.

In high school? A canoe trip through the NJ Pine Barrens, a senior class day trip to the Jersey shore, reminiscing and laughing as we signed each other’s yearbooks and tried not to ruin them with sand.

In college? A day my friends and I decided to take a long, barefoot walk in an Allentown, PA park. I don’t remember specifics, but giggles were involved.

Hanging out with a brand new friend at the 2016 Historical Romance Readers Retreat. Booklovers are awesome.

There are many days I cherish as an adult…my wedding day, family reunion days, almost any writing conference day, my first release day, my first reading, any day that involves writing ‘the end’ or hearing from a reader that a book I wrote gave them ‘the feels, and any event that involves meeting fantastic readers (like this pic from the Historical Romance Retreat)

And so I come back to the best day ever with a lighter heart full of happy memories. Now, I can play.

My best day ever would begin (like every day) with coffee, coffee and more coffee. There’d be a picnic-y event with friends and family and hugs and loads of laughter. And, at some point in the day, everyone would discuss the books they love.

But if all that is too much trouble, I’d take a day in a library full of romance novels and a never ending cup of coffee. 🙂

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