I cannot BELIEVE I have not participated in a Writer Wednesdays post since February. *Hangs Head*

What have I been up to? Well, after releasing all three books of my debut series last year, I returned to an earlier project. I’ve always been intrigued by the hero and premise Scandal in Spades, which finaled in the Golden Heart contest, but I knew the story never fulfilled the promise of that premise. So, starting in February, I stripped the manuscript from 86,000 words to 2000 words and began to rebuild. Spades has an entirely new plot line and and entirely new heroine–and both finally provide the hero of Spades hero the challenge he needs! I’m currently revising and hope to have more information about release sometime this fall.

MEANWHILE, I connected with some of the other “Writer Wednesdays” authors during the Romance Writers of America conference this past July and renewed my commitment to the Writer Wednesdays project. I love having monthly insights into my fellow writers’ lives, and I’m glad to be participating once again. SO, onward to today’s question:

What’s in your bag/purse?

Well, now. I am one of those people who likes to be prepared. Consequently, whatever size purse I have had over the years tended to get filled to the brim. However, once I moved to New York City, I had to rethink the giant purse habit. Big purses, while popular, require a level of arm-vigilance I simply prefer not to exert. If I have one, I’m nervous. If I don’t, I am free to concentrate on the good things all around me. So, when I’m in the city, I carry this wallet, which I found on ebay. It has a subway pass, an ID, a credit card, a few business cards, money and a key…but the fabulous part is the handy little wrist strap I can thread through my belt loop so I can (hopefully) thwart pick pockets. It’s the bare bones of necessities, but then again, you are never more than 300 paces from a (usually 24 hour) drug store in NYC. WIN.

Wallet wristlet

My travel purse is far less Spartan.

2016-08-09 11.01.39

Inside she holds:

2016-08-09 11.04.05

a folded shoulder bag, tissues,  a first aid kit with Advil, band aids, a fingernail clipper, Neosporin & coconut oil, a hairbrush, sunblock, a supplemental charger for my phone, sunglasses, a pen and a moleskin notebook.  Not pictured? A wine opener left over from the RWA conference and a spare pair of reading glasses for my husband. (Shhh, don’t tell).

Well, that’s it. Utilitarian and not very exciting, I’m afraid. Looking forward to seeing what my fellow authors post.

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7 Responses to WW: What’s in your Purse?

  • We’ve missed you, Wendy! Glad you’re back. A subway pass instead of a driver’s license–I can’t even imagine that, down here in the Houston area.

    • Well, there is a Driver’s License in there, but I use the pass more frequently, so it’s on top. The Driver’s license is mostly for security guards in big buildings these days….

  • You are so right about a drugstore on every corner. Kinda like Starbucks. 😉 What a cool wristlet and it holds everything you need.

  • Glad to have you back, Wendy. It was nice seeing you in San Diego also. I love your little wallet that you can attach to your belt hoop. Like Kay, I’m intrigued with the idea of a subway pass instead of a driver’s license! I’ll always remember you taking me for a ride on the subway when I was in NYC. That was a pretty cool experience for this small town Florida girl!

  • Hmm, I love that you carry coconut oil, Wendy! I love using it at home. You’ve inspired me to pick up a tiny container to add some coconut oil to my bag of sundries in my purse!

    Seeing your subway pass brings back lots of fun memories of my visits to NYC. Love that city!! Hopefully the next time I visit, we’ll be able to connect!

    Congrats on the book releases– that’s a fabulous reason to miss a few WW months!!! Way to go!

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